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A Story Of Heroes – Ecuador After The Earthquake

Unlike many other catastrophic events that have happened all around the world, it seems that Ecuador has been treated differently. But this time, it has been for good. Almost two weeks after the devastating earthquake, it’s true that everything seems to be more or less under control but there’s still a lot to do. You could say that this is nothing but the beginning for Ecuadorians; who have now become a symbol to believe in hope again.

Credit: EFE / JOSÉ JÁCOME Source: www.larepublica.ec

Source: www.larepublica.ec

During the last of the 8 mourning days, many Ecuadorians got out of their houses and walked the streets not only to ask for better rights (as it was the International Worker’s Day) but this time, people put that aside and decided to honour the memory of the 660 victims of the earthquake. However, those 660 people are only those who have been identified, there’s hundreds of people who are missing still, and thousands of injured people as well.

The greatest surprise has been to see the huge amount of help that Ecuador has been receiving during these days. Lots of soldiers from many countries have gone there to help the victims, but now, the majority have gone back to their countries, as they were only attending emergencies. Still, it’s incredible to see how Ecuadorians keep on recovering and rebuilding their lives again.

Credit: Meridith Kohut/Bloomberg Source: www.aldiadallas.com

Credit: Meridith Kohut/Bloomberg
Source: www.aldiadallas.com

That has a lot to do with what young people are doing. Many of them did not think twice, and started volunteering. Universities all over the country have become (and will be for some time) shelter to many of those who have lost practically everything. It’s thanks to them too that the systems to locate people though maps have been a success. And despite the need for basic products, water and medicine, you can see and admire how people work to go back to normality.

Also, this is a story about heroes: lots of anonymous people have helped Ecuador to recover, even if it’s a little bit, it all counts. And we cannot forget, more than ever this time, that there are heroes that have paws. Yes, you may have seen them in viral videos, they’ve become famous now! It’s a funny thing that many of the stories that come to us about Ecuador have to do with dogs: maybe because they emphasise the tragedy or they’re actually considered victims as well. This proves how the country desperately is in terrible need for water, many dogs (whether they’re sniffer dogs or not) are dying because of dehydration…and we need them, not only because our little and beloved animals deserve to live as well, but because they’re the ones who have saved more lives in the country.

Source: www.schnauzi.com

Source: www.schnauzi.com

But now, after losing much more than they could ever imagine, even the most beautiful parts of their cities (the earthquake devastated almost 90% of Ecuador’s tourist areas) Ecuador is fighting for survival, a battle that will take lots and lots of time. It’s such a shame that many won’t be interested in seeing how they progress…


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