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A Rock Bands Heartbreaking Tribute – Eagles Of Death Metal Return To Bataclan

Eagles of Death Metal, the band who were performing in the Bataclan the night of November 13, have had the chance to return to Paris. Although it wasn’t planned, the band were invited to perform with U2 in their show in France’s capital. All the members of the band did not think it twice and immediately accepted to go back, not only to perform with Bono and fellows, but to pay tribute to all of those people who were in Bataclan that night in their show, especially to those who died.

Of the 132 victims that died that night, almost 90 died in the Bataclan. Some of them, were seen by Jesse, Eden, Matt and Julian, the members of Eagles of Death Metal, who had told their experience in an interview for VICE two weeks ago. They were already moved when remembering people injured or the terror itself, but they were seen even more tearful at arriving at the Bataclan again. They wanted to pay tribute to the victims and so they did, which resulted in a silent but touching tribute in which some of the bands members such as Julian or Jesse couldn’t hold tears back.

They performed alongside U2 in an unforgettable show, which would be later remarked by the band. Eagles of Death Metal have thanked U2 for the invitation and remembered their comforting words to them: “They reminded us that the bad guys never take a day off, and therefore we rock ’n rollers cannot either…and we never will. We are incredibly grateful to U2 for providing us the opportunity to return to Paris so quickly, and to share in the healing power of rock ‘n roll with so many of the beautiful people – nos amis –  of this great city”.


Eagles of Death Metal will be coming back to Paris next February. This rock band, founded in 1998 by Joshua Homme and Jesse Hughes, seem to be united more than ever now after what happened in Paris. The band remarked that everyone would be focusing on them because they were the artists, but they would like also to remember those anonymous victims whose stories might never be told. Nevertheless, they’ll still keep on fighting with their greatest passion: music.

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