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9 Scenes That Make Us Question Why Disney Movies Are For Children…

Admit it, when you watched Disney films as a child, there were scenes that you just wanted to pass, and don’t be embarrassed to say it. You may be surprised if you found out how many of today’s children still react in the same ways as you did. But, what’s even creepier is the realisation of what we were watching once we become adults. Everybody knows it, but no one takes it seriously: there are times in which Disney film shouldn’t be considered for children. Here are 9 scenes that prove it and will make you think it twice if you ever watch one with a child…

  1. The Fox And The Hound

It’s a well-known fact that Disney loves animals. In many of their movies, animals are used to illustrate human behaviour, which is a very curious thing, and in this occasion animators decided to use humans to show children how cruel we can be with animals. ‘The Fox And The Hound’ just starts…and begins with a death! Big Mama’s face says it all…

  1. Mulan

Mulan went to war just because she wanted to save her father. Her partner, Shang, wasn’t that lucky: he actually lost his father in a battle. The moment in which he finds that out could have been probably one of the most touching and moving scenes in Disney’s animated features. However, it’s really minimalistic and only shows corpses for a few seconds and with the image of Shang building an improvised tomb to honour him…should children watch this really?

  1. Tarzan

We agree that villains have to die in these films. Somehow though, it seems that the more evil they are, the creepier their death is. In this case, Clayton’s death in Tarzan, unlike many villains’ death, is an accident. Sure Tarzan didn’t mean to kill him, but the animators didn’t seem to have any problems to make this scene seem like a nightmare…

  1. Snow White

Talking about deaths…Snow White’s step-mother was also a horrible and cruel woman. However, the scary thing here is a detail that probably not many of us noticed and it’s the presence of birds around her. Birds that are present are not usually a good sign, and when she transforms into a raven and the wrinkled old lady, it’s just frightening… for children (and some adults) of course!

  1.  Sleeping Beauty

Even though the film ‘Maleficent’ respects the original film’s dialogue very much, we were lucky that Angelina didn’t have to become a dragon! Many adults have admitted that it was really disturbing to see Maleficent transforming into that enormous dragon when they were children. However, isn’t it more disturbing to realise that this character really doesn’t want a young girl to live and she’s going to do whatever she can to get it? That’s just horrible!

  1. Pinocchio

If they wanted to convince children of what could happen if they didn’t obey, they really did a brilliant job of it in Pinocchio. Without a doubt, this is one of the most powerful scenes that Disney has ever created, especially if you see how psychological it is.


  1. The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

A classic that should be considered for Halloween. ‘The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow’ is a cartoon from 1949 that adapts very well the well-known story of the same name by Washington Irving. Even though there’s a little bit more of  comedy and jokes…no one can forget when the Headless Horseman made his entrance…simply spine-chilling!

  1. Dumbo

Yes, a classic one: the scene with the pink elephants. The sequence is pretty disturbing with its psychedelic hallucinations of elephants dancing, those bright colours and those faces that actually have no eyes…But, in fact, how could a baby elephant see those things? Much worse, how could they show a baby elephant getting drunk? Bizarre.

  1. The Lion King

There was the generation that was traumatised with the death of Bambi’s mother. And in the 90’s another generation was traumatised with the death of Simba’s father. ‘The Lion King’ has a little bit of everything that is related to human life, and that’s why it is one of the best films that Disney has ever done. However, the more you watch the death of Mufasa, all planned by his brother Scar, the more you’ll realise how cruel and wicked a character can actually be.


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