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8 Of The Best Film Parodies You’ll Ever Watch

If there was no cinema, there would probably be no cartoons. It’s a logical thought: the majority of what we see in animated features (regardless if they’re for children or not) has an inspirational source in most of well-know cinema classics…and therefore, it’s always nice to enjoy their essence in another atmosphere, even if it’s all about mocking them. With that, here’s a list of the best film parodies that cartoons have ever brought to us.

1. ‘The Shining’

Let’s begin with one of the most famous ones. No matter what you could have seen, The Simpsons always have something to say. Let’s be honest, their parodies are some of the best ones you can ever watch. Even though they’ll be mentioned more times on this list…everyone should remember this amazing revision of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece.


2. ‘Pulp Fiction’

For those of you who were children in the late 90’s, you will remember this better than anybody. The film ‘Space Jam’ not only honoured the career of Michael Jordan; it also included some crazy ways to play basketball. And one of them includes shooting your rivals. But leave that to Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd…Jules and Vincent would be really proud of them! An authentic icon of the 90’s.

3. ‘Vertigo’

Many people don’t realise until they either see the original film or they’re told about it, but did you know that Toy Story plays plenty of homages to cinema’s most iconic films? In fact, the most solid proof is actually this scene of ‘Toy Story 2’. How curious that Woody has a nightmare like Hitchcock would have imagined…

4. ‘When Harry Met Sally’

Other specialists of the parody are, without a doubt, the Muppets. They have been entertaining us for a long, long time, and still, their humour is sensational. There are lots of choices that we could pick…but Miss Piggy always shines, especially when there’s a man next to her. Enjoy with this extraordinary parody of the dinner scene in ‘When Harry Met Sally’, with the best guest ever for this occasion: Billy Crystal!

5. ‘Mission Impossible’

Now, let’s talk about Dream Works. Almost all their films consist of reviews of famous films: Shrek is no exception. Actually, Shrek’s plot is a parody of classic fairytales, and sometimes, of Disney stories. However, there’s also time to mock some of Hollywood’s greatest blockbusters, and so, in ‘Shrek 2’ Pinocchio had to save his friends…it seems that he believed he was Tom Cruise!

6. ‘Psycho’

We’re back to Hitchcock again! Although we’ve talked about him before…the parody of his most famous scene deserved to be included in this list. In the film ‘Looney Tunes: Back In Action’ there’s a moment in which taking a shower is all too familiar…

7. ‘The Gold Rush’

Of course, we needed one of the greatest genius the world has ever known! The Simpsons, again, prove that they do not only mock classic, but also show their respects to one of the most iconic figures: The Tramp. See Homer’s father Abe perform the ‘bread roll ballet’ but with potatoes this time…

8. ‘Casablanca’

Once again, Warner directed an amazing short story that everyone should see. This piece, from the late 90’s, is a funny and delicious revision of ‘Casablanca’ in which we’ll see a tender love story and lots of changes that some, would have wished that were also included in the original film. Please, Daffy, play it for us!

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