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Some customers at the Le Café des Chats (http://imworld.aufeminin.com/)

6 Unusual restaurants in Paris you must visit

If you are travelling in Paris, you may want to discover new and intriguing places to eat. French cuisine is not only frogs legs, snails, cheese and wine.

Le Café des Chats

If you love cats, you will enjoy having a brunch, lunch or dinner with your family or friends at Le Café des Chats. A dozen of cats are here to cuddle with you in this unusual, quirky restaurant in the Haut Marais. Enjoy a tasty meal and have fun with your new feline friends!

le café des chats

Le café des chats

The cats all come from associations for animal protection and have been adopted for their sociability. Part of the restaurant profits is donated to the feline protection.


Festin NU

Le festin nu

Le festin nu

Would you dare eat insects? If this dining experience tempts you, it’s now possible thanks to Festin NU. Located in the 18th district of the capital, the bar features: crickets, scorpions, bugs or grasshoppers on the menu.

Tasty.. (http://s2.lemde.fr/)

The insects are prepared dry and dehydrated to the unit for about 7- 9 euros, with diverse and varied accompaniments, as an endive leaf or candied peppers. The restaurant also serves traditional dishes like burgers, smoked salmon and salads.


Les Bobines

Fun for film buffs and foodies (http://cine-balade.com/)

Unique in its kind, Les Bobines is located in the Village St Martin, near the Republic Square. The concept is fun and attractive; after a home made meal, the guests join in a projection room for a private and free cinema experience.

The latest movies and cult films are on show here ,which you can enjoy from the comfort on the sofa with a glass of wine. A great experience.


Les bobines

Les Bobines

Il Vino

If you love good wine but have trouble deciding what to eat ?  Il Vino is for you! The Il Vino menu only has wine. The chef prepares a delicious dish in perfect agreement with the selected wine. Headed by Enrico Bernardo, the best sommelier in the world, the dining experience is promising. Located in the 7th district of Paris.


Il Vino

Il Vino

Dans Le Noir

Dans le Noir

Dans le Noir

Discover your senses blindfolded, guided only by a waitress, dine in the dark. Dans Le Noir is an extraordinary experience that you won’t forget. It’s close to the Marais and the food is delicious, which makes it even better. An unusual restaurant in Paris to try at least once in your life.


Nos ancêtres les Gaulois


Plunged into a medieval friendly atmosphere in the Haut Marais at Nos ancêtres les Gaulois. Friendliness here is in order: eat on large tables, meats grilled in front of guests in the fireplace and wine is served from the barrel. The waitresses wear medieval costumes adding to the atmosphere and entertainment. It’s an ideal place to eat with your children.


Nos ancetres les Gaulois

Nos ancetres les Gaulois








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