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6 Types of Fiction-book Readers

I know you’re probably thinking ‘here we go again. Another article trying to out everything into types.’ Well, loosen up and don’t fret because this article is just a little bit of fun. Who knows, a fellow bookworm might actually read this and think, ‘oh, I’m that type of reader sometimes.’ The beautiful truth about readers is that they are all unique. So, sit back and relax; see if you can find yourself in this list of 6 types of fiction-book readers.

The Quick Reader

There’s always that one friend who reads at the speed of lightening. I don’t know how but they manage to do it. That one friend (or more) gets through a chunky backpack-breaking novel in a few days, or even a couple of hours. How impressive and scary!


The Slow Reader

The slow reader: you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s takes days, weeks or even months to finish a novel. That’s just how you read and you love it. You get to live in the imaginary world of your book for longer. Sometimes you purposely read slowly to enjoy the book. I definitely fit into this category most of the time!

The Multiple Book Reader

‘What are you reading?’ asked friend #1.  ‘Oh, I’m reading this book and that book. I couldn’t wait, so I’ve started the other book too’, said friend #2 Now, that is a super-cool book-worm skill.


The One Book/ Series A Year Reader

One Book/ series will do, and it’s usually a favourite read during the holidays or in your spare time.


The I Only Read…Reader

The classics reader. The crime fiction reader. The fantasy fiction reader. They never betray their chosen genre. Loyalty is key.


The I’ll Read Most Genres Reader

This type of reader has a favourite genre. But they’re more than happy to deviate towards a different genre.

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