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6 Classic Batman/Joker moments we’d love to see in the DC film universe

Now that Marvel have set sail with their forever growing multi-phase universe, sitting comfortably in that big ocean, people began to wonder and speculate whether DC would ever rival Marvel with their own cinematic universe and after a period of time… Bang! Out of nowhere we have Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which begins to set up the premises for The Justice League movie in addition to other solo DC films to be released in the near future. However due to the criticism that Dawn of Justice received, it was no shock that Warner Bros have decided to reconstruct the control of the DC film universe. The DC franchise has so much potential and could match, maybe even surpasses the power horse that is Marvel. But for this to happen it needs to be put in the right hands, whilst also having some creative and interesting story arcs. Most of the popularity lies with the Dark Knight and having already gained an impressive response in regards to Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman and with the introduction to the ‘new’ Joker (Jared Leto), I’ve decided to explore the possible moments that Warner Bros can give us in regards to these two iconic characters.



A really interesting story arc that could be include in DC universe, because not only will it introduce Jim Gordon within the franchise but it will focus more on the antagonising emotions of Gordon rather than what we usually see with Batman. This moment will get audiences delving into Jim Gordon’s life which we’ve rarely seen before in a Batman film. With this whole new love for films being R-rated, this moment could possibly be perfect for this specific rating; reason being is that, the person Joker chooses to go insane is none other than Mr Gordon himself which he achieves by shooting his daughter through the spine and torturing him with photos of her stripped corpse. Now with an R-rating, directors could make this really dark and grotesque showing the sadistic nature of the Joker, presenting how far he will go in order to please his own needs.


joker 52

Now this is more focused on the Joker rather than Batman, but the reason why I have included it in the list is because it’s one of the most brutal moments the Joker has ever been involved in since he first appeared in Batman, which debut in 1940. When DC started their new series, they gave the Joker a dark and sinister story. He’d had his face removed by the Dollmaker before going underground for a year. After re-emerging, he went and killed everyone at the GCPD, retrieved his face before capturing Alfred and writing a note to Batman in his family’s blood! Now who wouldn’t want to see this in the DC film universe, it will introduce the Dollmaker but more importantly, it will show a more brutal Joker which we all know he can be. Furthermore, the on goings consisting within this moment are what you’d likely see in a horror movie or a thriller and as an audience we get to see how much this will effect Batman and the attempts of overcoming all the deaths caused by the Joker, which could link to the all depressed Batman that we see in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.



This is probably one of my favourite moments in the Batman story archive as it delves into psychological issues which makes an intense emotional confrontation with the Red Hood aka Jason Todd. Batman: Under the Red Hood is a DC universe animated feature which presents the defining moment when Red Hood abducts the Jokers and orders Batman to meet him. There are some iconic moments in this section of the movie as we see Red Hood beat the Joker with a crow bar which emulates a sense of irony as Jason Todd was beaten to death with the same weapon used by the Joker. The amount of raw emotion we get from Jason Todd where he tells Batman of his forgiveness for not killing him, however still tormented by anger as Batman continues to allow the Joker to live. Seeing this in a live action film would bring nail biting scenes due to the Red Hood challenging Batman’s morals and his obligation of killing someone; an example being where the Red Hood basically begs for Batman to shoot and kill the Joker however he declines. If done right, this can create some powerful cinematic scenes and as an audience we learn how far Batman will go in order to stick to his moral code of refusing to kill, even more so than revenging his side-kick and dear friend.

This leads on to a point that could be seen as a matter of importance for adding it to the DC universe, mainly because of the rumours flying around that the next Batman movie will feature Red Hood and all the speculation about the Robin’s suit being that of Jason Todd’s in the Suicide Squad.




So this is slightly off topic as it’s regarding a Joker and Harley moment, but I felt the need to include this, especially as both Harley and Joker are joining the new DC universe roster. This moment is probably one of the most beautiful and sincere scenes we’ve see between Harley and Joker and it’s one of the most uncharacteristic moment we see of the antagonist too.

The happenings throughout this passage involves Joker, sharing his personal reasons for wanting to conquer the universe, creating a revelation, that in the new universe to come, people like him will cease to exist. Harley entreats him to spare her life because of what she’d done for him might count for something. With a very soft look, Joker issues her to “c’mere” before gently kissing her. He then turns her into a constellation of stars and says that she has “the best seat in the house for Armageddon”; concluding with “I always wanted to see my dame in lights… heh. Even in a moment of abject saccharine, I still got it.”

I mean what a wonderful moment to have on screen, not only will it show a more unnatural side of the Joker but it will show how much Harley and Joker mean to one another, as we see Joker transforming the person who’d always loved him into something incredibly beautiful.


  1. A DEATH IN THE FAMILY– THE DEATH OF ROBINdeathThis is a tricky one and I say this because, I don’t think will likely see it happening in the DC universe purely down to the fact that it may have already happened. It’s might just be me speculating from watching the trailers but either way, it should at least be seen or heard of at one point or another as it’s a massive turning point in the Batman comics, plus it gives the opportunity for vast amount of characterization to be developed throughout the films. Furthermore, like I’ve already stated in this article, if rumours turn out true, we need to see this happen so it can open up the plot for a Batman/Red Hood Movie.



This moment is so special as it’s literally a fight against intelligence and wit rather than the traditional brute force. This needs to be included because it shows how sadistic yet intelligent Joker truly is. What happens is; after going on a killing spree the Joker is cornered by Batman having taken his eye out with a Batarang, with all this going on, eventually the Joker laughs and kills himself by snapping his own neck thus condemning Batman to be labelled as a murder, which is the one thing Batman resents, resulting in the Joker getting the last laugh. Obviously if this is to ever happen in the film universe, it won’t be any time soon, but with the Dark Knight Returns being such an iconic graphic novel in the DC world, am I sure fans out there would love to see this at some point in the far future.

Well that concludes my list of the classic Batman/Joker moments we’d love to see in the coming DC universe, if you found this article entertaining, or you feel there are other classics moments out there that you’d like to add,



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