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5 world famous National Parks in USA

The USA is blessed with an extensive geography and over 84 million acres of land in this makes for its national parks, so much so that the largest of these parks is bigger in area than Switzerland! From an ecological standpoint, the country has contributed positively by conserving and protecting nature at its best for the future generations.

Read on to find out what makes each of these 5 national parks so special and the most visited in the world.

Yellowstone National Park

Extending across the 3 states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, the Yellowstone National Park is the grand daddy of all national parks in the world. The world’s first ever national park is most famous for its colourful geothermal features, specifically Old Faithful Geyser and breath-taking waterfalls. A perfect place for a fun filled family day out, the park offers a variety of activities for everyone, from hiking trails to majestic wildlife photography and for the adventure seekers – some great camping and skiing locales!

Grand Canyon National Park

A hot favourite with an average of more than 4 million visitors each year, this national park is home to the majestic Grand Canyon, a UNESCO world heritage site. Throughout the year, tourists from all over the world are welcomed with incredible views of this steep-sided canyon carved by the mighty Colorado river. Irrespective of the mode of transport you choose to explore the canyon, be it river rafting, plain hiking or helicopter rides, brace yourself to be blown away by this rocky wonder.


Naturalist Join Muir did not exaggerate one bit when he wrote about Yosemite. For a park with 95% wilderness, Yosemite hardly disappoints its tourists. Set in Central California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, this world heritage site is home to the astonishing Mirror Lake, the incredible Yosemite Valley and incredible rock formations , most famous being El Capitan – the world’s tallest granite monolith. Lined with ancient giant sequoia trees, some dating back to 1800 years, this national park is a hiker’s paradise and boasts of some splendid waterfalls.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Covering over 800 square miles, the Great Smoky Mountains is less of a park and more of a forest! The world’s most visited national park drawing over 9 million visitors annually is comfortably situated on a scenic highway route connecting North Carolina to Tennessee State. Vastly varying amounts of flora and fauna engulf this park thus making for a perfect sanctum for peaceful hiking.

Rocky Mountain National Park

True to its name, the Rocky Mountain National Park is surrounded by over 100 peaks rising above 11,000 feet. Located in Colorado just outside Denver, this park’s crux is easily accessible by driving along the picturesque Trail Ridge Road with the alpine backdrop and wild bloom along the way keeping you company. Offering a wide variety of hikes, this park is best scaled by foot to uncover its hidden waterfalls and lakes.


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