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5 ways to travel with a student budget

At this time of year, jetting off to a far flung place sounds ideal, especially when many students, like myself, have a long break from university. This fantasy, however, is somewhat impeded by that one thing that students really don’t like to think about, money.

Money, however, is not necessarily essential to travel, or in particular, having a fulfilled and exciting holiday break. Here’s 5 ways by which you can travel even with that narrow budget:

1.Explore where you live

One of the cheapest ways to ‘travel’ is to embody the idea of being a tourist in your own town. Avoid your local hotspots and explore where you live from a different perspective. You might just find some great new places!


2. Road trip with friends

If the idea of a staycation at home doesn’t appeal, rustle up some on your friends and set off by car. Road trips are a relatively cheap way to travel (if you share the petrol costs), and give you so much more freedom than other methods of transport. Even if you don’t get very far, road trips always make for great memories and hilarious times.


3. Work Abroad

Combine traveling with working to stretch those pennies even further. Working in a hostel is a great way to do this. Even if the position is unpaid, they’ll pay for your accommodation; a major plus for the bargain hunting backpacker. Work for a few weeks in a place you’ve always wanted to visit and take the opportunity to live and work in a fun filled environment.


4. Get saving

The obvious option, even if it is the most boring. Swap the occasional night out for a night in, and put a little bit of money away each month to fund a holiday. If you traveling, this will be so worth it to you, and it feels even more special when you’ve funded it entirely by yourself.


5. Visit your friends

Take the university break as a chance to go and visit friends across the country. Free accommodation, new places to explore and spending time with your closest friends are a match made in student-budgeting heaven. Its always nice to learn a little more about where your friends live too.


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