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5 ways to help the earth on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! If you don’t know what this is about, or haven’t seen the plethora of social media posts about it, Earth Day is a day in which we celebrate, you guessed it, the Earth. It’s a day to reflect on global environmental issues and brainstorm ways to combat problems such as global warming, water shortage and food wastage. Here’s 5 ways everyone can do their little bit and help our planet on this day, and from now on.

Reduce your food waste


Food waste is unnecessary and on top of that, really bad for the environment. Whilst licking your plate clean might not be the solution, make sure you keep tabs on what is in your fridge and try and use things up before they go out of date. Alternatively, take your food waste to a pop-up kitchen, where they’ll collect foods that are past their sell by dates and cook up meals for their guests.

Cut down on meat

Vegetarians often extoll the virtues of a meat-free diet, and its been proven that cutting down on meat is better for the environment. That’s not to say we should all go cold-turkey on our animal products, but take the time to think about ways to cut down on your meat consumption. There are plenty of amazing vegetarian recipe books out there too.

Use Public Transport

This is a more obvious one, but driving when you can easily use public transport is harmful to the environment. If you live in a city, take the metro, bus or any other form of public transport at least once a week. You’ll probably save yourself time stuck in traffic and get to people watch along the way.

Reduce your use of plastic

The UK recently introduced charges for plastic bags in supermarkets, which is a great way to combat the unnecessary wastage of thousands of plastic bags which are not biodegradable. Grab a bag for life and keep one in your car, handbag or at work, so to make sure you never forget when going to the supermarket.

Buy in season

Buying food that is in season is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. Look at what foods are in season where you live, and try and stick to buying and eating what are on those lists. Not only is this good for the environment, but it will force you to eat better, fresher food. Fresh is most definitely best.

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