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5 top places to not miss on an Athenian holiday

Being one of the world’s oldest cities must surely be daunting, but Greece’s Athens manages to flaunt it in style. Protecting its heritage but also showcasing its modernity, the city is a visual and a historical treat to tourists and locals alike. Nestled together in perfect harmony much like a well oiled machine, these attributes blend together making Athens one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

With a lot of difficulty, we have chosen only the top 5 places must visit places whilst holidaying in Athens –

  • National Archaeological Museum


Simply put, this museum is a treasure trove of civilization as we know it. Some of the artifacts housed in this museum dates back to 6800 BC! With more than 11,000 exhibits, this museum is considered one of the largest in the world and one can find an extensive collection of  artifacts right from the pre-historic era.

Some items of historical importance include the world’s earliest known form of paper, Papyrus , an Egyptian Mummy case and a bronze statue of Poseidon dating back many centuries.

  • Temple of Olympian Zeus

Dedicated to the Greek God Zeus, this temple was the tallest during its time in Greece. Although construction started during 6th century BC, it was not completed until 2nd century AD under the reign of Emperor Adrian. The temple’s 15 columns standing today are the ruins left over by an earthquake during the medieval times. The temple’s views are best enjoyed from the top of the Acropolis.

  • Acropolis and the Ancient Agora of Athens

Acropolis symbolises Greece in the same way Eiffel tower does France. A deserved UNESCO World heritage site, the ruins on and around the hill, the Agora and Acropolis in itself is a place of historical significance for archaeologists world over. Words do not do justice to these glorious ruins and the stories they have to whisper. Various momuments constructed on the Acropolis, like the Parthenon , were temples dedicated to Greek gods and goddesses.

There is no better a place to launch Modern Olympics than in a location where ancient Athletic events were held, way back in 330 BC. This is the Panathenaic stadium for you, where the world’s first official Olympic event was held in 1896.

Made completely of marble, this area was originally a natural hollow part of the ground, set between two hills, Agra and Ardettos. The stadium can house about 50,000 people and is horse shoe shaped making for an excellent setting for watching events and sports alike.

  • Mount Lycabettus

Providing an alternate view of the Acropolis is Mount Lycabettus, a limestone hill with pine trees adorning its base and  standing at 300 mtrs above sea level. Enjoy a warm sunny day in Athens by hiking this hill to reach the top and enjoy the views of the city or you could also take the funicular that takes you atop the hill.

Either way, visitors are greeted with beautiful landscape all around.

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