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5 Things We Love About Halloween

While Halloween isn’t the most celebrated holiday, it is still loved and celebrated by many, and here are the five main things we just love about the spooky holiday.


1. Halloween Candy


Come on, would say no to Halloween treats? It’s the perfect excuse to stuff yourself with your favourites. Plus, if you live in a neighbourhood where trick or treating isn’t common, then all the more for you!


Photo by Luke Jones


2. Starbucks Halloween Frappuccinos

As well as candy, we also get some pretty exciting frappunccinos from Starbucks, one of the most popular being the “Frappula”.



3. Dressing Up

Those who enjoy dressing up cannot wait to wear their costumes for Halloween, and we get some pretty impressive costumes too. Sometimes, the costumes aren’t even scary-themed, some people just want to cosplay their favourite characters. Expect a few Harley Quinns this year!


Photo taken by RyC – Behind The Lens (flickr)


4. Horror Movies

Even if you’re not a fan of horror, you could always watch a Tim Burton film, or maybe just The Addams Family. You can still enjoy a good Halloween film without scaring yourself too much.



5. Fun Decorations

Halloween is a great excuse for those who are crafty to show off their skills with decorations. Of course there are plenty of decorations you can find in the shops, but there have been many stunning hand-made decorations too. Whether you want to try making your own or just buy them, decorating is always fun.


Photo by Diane (Flickr)

We haven’t got long to wait now, so whatever floats your boat the best, make sure to enjoy Halloween!

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