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5 Things Book Lovers Can Relate To

For the completely uninterested, books are just pieces of paper bound together. Sometimes these books have lovely covers and he/she can at least appreciate it. Then, there’s the die-hard book lover who would cry buckets of tears if someone told them they could never read a book again. Or worse: their entire book collection disappears without a trace. Book lovers, here are 5 things the booking loving community can relate to.

Waiting For A Release From Your Favourite Author

The time is takes to wait for a book release is totally painful. If you’re British it’s like waiting for a proper summer without any sign of rain. But, you stay strong because when the book is  finally out you know it will be a glorious moment.


When Someone Says They’ll Just Watch The Movie

book and not the movie

This is an ultimate sin in the book community and unacceptable to you. So, you plan on making sure your friend never sees the movie and reads the book instead. You know you sound like a complete snob, but who cares?

When A Character Dies

when a book character dies

Now, it is just cruel when an author decides to end the life of character. It feels like a real death to you and no one, apart from book lovers, of course, understand the ordeal of the situation. You grieve for the dead character because you’re loyal. Some think it’s crazy, but you know you’re justified.

When Someone Hates Your Favourite Book/Books

favourite book

You don’t understand why your friend/s don’t love Pride and Prejudice or To Kill A Mockingbird. So you agree to disagree instead and wait for the right moment to convert them!

When Someone Uses Your Book As A Coaster

book coaster

‘Books are for reading’, is what you feel like saying to that person who decides to use your precious book as a coaster for their beverage.

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