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5 Reasons Why You Might Be Breaking Out

Breaking out is a nuisance. Breaking out and not knowing where you went wrong is double the nuisance. Try to control what it is that is affecting your skin by making small changes that will leave big lasting impressions. Here are 5 reasons that might explain why you may be breaking out in the hope of helping you get the skin you deserve!

Are you washing your hands before cleansing your face?



A lot of people either give their hands a quick rinse or totally skip it altogether. A thorough wash of your hands will get rid of any dirt that will otherwise get transferred onto your face and thus completely nullifying your cleansing routine. Besides, it’s good practice.

How often are you changing your muslin cloths?

wash towels

It’s easy to grab any old towel when drying your face but bear in mind you’re probably transferring dirt right back onto your now cleansed face. Give your cloth a good rinse through after every use and switch to a fresh cloth every 3 days.

How long have you been sleeping on the same pillow case?


Changing your pillow cases regularly is an old but gold piece of advice. Think about it: overnight our facial skin goes through many changes, much of that involving the dirt and debris you find yourself having to clean off the next morning. The pillow case that you’re sleeping on is now a resting place for the very dirt that inhabits your face. Changing them regularly is therefore a no brainer.

Do you consume too much dairy?


This one is a strange one. It’s yet to be verified outright by science that dairy can lead to break outs. There is a lot of information out there, including personal experiences, whereby people have noticed that a spike in cheese or milk consumption has caused their skin to differ from normal. The hormones found in milk can directly affect our own, prompting acne and inflammation. Too much cheese itself can be problematic for your complexion. Of course there is no concrete evidence that dairy can lead to acne but one thing is for sure: what you eat can affect your skin – it really does. Everything in moderation, guys.

Are you getting enough sunlight?


We’re sure many of you are aware of the amount of nutrients our skin derives from sunlight. Sure we protect ourselves from the damage it can also do but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why our skin looks so bright and full of life when it’s been exposed to light. Dry and dull skin have a tendency to overproduce oil in a desperate attempt to moisturise the face. This overproduction can lead to clogged pores which in turn will lead to break outs. Getting the right amount of sunlight can prevent this. An alternative is including vitamin supplements in your diet. These supplements give your skin the nutrients that are otherwise found in natural sunlight. This way you can control the amount you’re getting on a daily basis while still reaping the benefits.

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