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5 cities to visit other than London whilst studying in the UK.

Studying abroad is a great way of mixing business with pleasure. You get to study and travel at the same time, what could be better? It’s fun, it’s new and it’s refreshing, so make the most of it. The UK is more than one city, London is the capital and full of amazing sites, but don’t let that stop you from exploring other places.


With beautiful coastlines and attractive villages, Cornwall is a feast for the eyes. Far less congested than the bigger cities, Cornwall has large varied landscapes and is the perfect backdrop for your travel photographs. Home to the largest indoor rainforest in the world, Eden Project, Cornwall is a must go destination. What the city lacks in shops it more than makes up for in beaches and scenery. Make sure to head to Jelberts when you visit, their ice cream is out of this world and is totally worth the journey.


Home to some beautifully historic buildings, it feels as though you’ve been transported back through time. The Georgian architecture means that the city is quintessentially British and it really does give visitors an interesting alternative to more modernised cities. If you really want a treat, make sure to visit the Roman Baths whilst you’re there.


Oasis playing at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

Whether it be the sights, the people or the cities heavy involvement with the arts, Glasgow offers a large array of things to do. The botanical gardens are absolutely gorgeous and can keep you entertained for hours. And for all of you music lovers, there’s King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. Offering a stage for up and coming music artists to perform, Wah Wah hut allows you to enjoy an exciting and varied range of talented artists.


A lesser-known city, Pembrokeshire is a perfect place to visit if you’re an active outdoorsy type of person. With an almost perfect environment for all things active, there is an ample amount land to go mountain biking. Or you could be really adventurous  and go rockpooling, or ocean swimming, the possibilitis are endless.


The Bullring. If you are visiting the UK you have to make sure that you go to the Bullring at least once in your stay. Make sure to visit the library as well, both the Bullring and the Library are architectural feats, and really do show off the city. Known for it’s industrialism there are also an array of interesting factories to visit, if you’ve ever wanted to visit a jaguar factory or a chocolate manufacturer than make sure to plan a trip.


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