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5 Places to Visit in America’s Deep South

The USA is a popular travel destination. Whether it be the glittering lights of New York City, the celebrity filled streets of Los Angeles or the fun-filled theme parks of Orlando, Florida, everyday many people pack their bags to visit the States. Why not do something a little different, and visit America’s lesser known southern states? With delicious food, great music and a chilled atmosphere, the south is a wonderful place to visit. Here’s 5 must-visit places on a tour of the deep south:

New Orleans

Located in Louisiana, New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures. The french influence remains in the city’s music and food cultures, making it a top destination for tourists. Visit the French Quarter and try the Café du Monde’s famous beignets, before visiting Bourbon Street for cocktails and live jazz music.


Nashville, in Tennessee, is the home of country music. With such a rich musical history, the city is a perfect destination for music lovers, with free concerts and performances happening regularly. Furthermore, the city is developing as a food destination, with southern favourites such as fried chicken as commonplace as haute cuisine.


Charleston, in South Caroline, is the epitome of a southern city. It is charming, quaint and the weather is warm year round. Visit historical sites such as Patriot’s Point to learn more about the civil war, and head to the beach for an afternoon relaxing in the sun.


Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is a city with so much historical importance. Visit the history centre to get some insight into the region’s past, with specific exhibitions dedicated to pioneers such as Martin Luther King. It’s also an important American city, so make sure to grab a ticket to a sports game while in town.


Synonymous with Elvis, this Tennessee city is a fun filled city. There is an emphasis on music, so visit some of the famous bars for a taste of rock n roll. Make sure to pay a visit to Graceland, the home of the so-called King.

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