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5 of the best books to inspire travel

During this time of the year work commitments and university deadlines start to take their tole and sometimes it’s just nice to get away. If you can’t find time to venture abroad to warmer climates, get your fill of escapism through the writings of others. After all, picking up a book is a lot cheaper than a booking a flight… Here’s 5 great books to inspire you to travel:

Paul Theroux – The Happy Isles of Oceania

The father of all travel journalists, Paul Theroux’s novels provide detailed and poetic accounts of his journeys through countries and continents. The Happy Isles of Oceania depicts his journey by way of canoe through the Pacific, describing paradisiacal islands and remote communities that are so far removed from our everyday lives. A word of warning, this book will have you wanting to pack a backpack, get on a plane to Polynesia and never return.

Bill Bryson — Notes from a Small Island

If Theroux is all about insightful description, Bryson is about comedy and satire. Notes from a Small Island follows Bryson’s journey around the UK, describing towns and cities and most of all, what makes British people British. Tales of quirks and oh so British idiosyncrasies provide for an amusing, entertaining read.

Cheryl Strayed — Wild: A journey from lost to found

A recently released film, Wild follows the author, Cheryl Strayed, on a trek through the Pacific Crest Trail in the USA. This true story about Strayed’s own journey is as much mental and physical. Descriptions of the natural environment and fellow hikers are contrasted with her own personal journey, inspiring travel, adventure and self-improvement.

Levison Wood — Walking the Nile

Doing exactly as the title states, Levison Wood’s book tells the story of him walking along the river Nile. Travelling through spectacular countryside, dangerous war zones and sprawling cities, Wood’s account is accurate and revealing. A modern day adventurer, Wood’s book will inspire you to put on your hiking boots and head for the hills.

Alistair Humphreys — Moods of future joys, around the world by bike

In the same vain of Wood’s book, Alistair Humphreys’ book follow his travel around the world by bike. Describing less well known countries and the people that he meets, Humphreys’ story is a modern day exploration of the world; a modern day Christopher Columbus.


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