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5 “must have” accessories for women

Accessories are known to make an outfit complete and, perhaps more than clothing, express your unique preferences. They are the ever important details that compliment what you are wearing while representing your personal taste. Accessories do not need to be big and bold; they can be subtle yet when combined harmoniously they help to create the perfect outfit. Fun to wear, with the wide variety of styles and colours available, there truly is something to suit everyone. For this reason they also have sentimental value as they can capture something unique about a person whether it is their favourite birthstone, a religious symbol, favourite colour or anything else. They make perfect, cherished gifts.

There are so many accessories available but here are some ideas of “staple” items. Obviously there are different varieties of these. As the accessories that appeal to each person is a personal choice, these are just some examples of those which are versatile, classic and enhancing of any outfit.


Diamond stud earrings

“A girl’s best friend”, as they say! Simple and classic, they are likely to look good with everything you wear. They can be worn anywhere, from weddings to shopping and work. Clothing can make these both dressy and casual, but always elegant and bright. The range of sizes that they are available in adds to their versatility and suitability for every occasion. Some are more or less sparkly than others, so you really can find a pair that’s uniquely right for you. I personally think these are better as an accessory than pearl earrings because while pearl earrings are understated, classy and sophisticated these are slightly more versatile which gives them the edge.



Although I wear my watch practically every day, in the digital age that we currently live in it is probably quite strange that anyone would want or need to wear one! But the fact that it is the simplest way of telling the time does not detract from it being a great fashion accessory. Watches can be visually appealing in the same way that jewellery can; they can look elegant and sophisticated and as is the case with all other accessories, there are many styles available to suit individual preferences. A watch can suit any occasion, from formal to casual, and can match any outfit. It is all down to the style of the watch itself.




A scarf is one of the most visible accessories that truly adds sophistication to an outfit, and there are many styles to choose from.  They look gorgeous with earrings, and with suit jackets and dresses. In the winter months thicker, more knitted fabrics give a cosy feel while in the summer light silk scarves can keep your neck warm on chilly evenings. The choice of colour is endless, however those with lighter complexions should probably avoid darker shades such as black. Neutral coloured scarves can be matched easily with clothes, while patterned scarves usually blend harmoniously with virtually any colour clothing. On a side note: scarves can be great decoration in your home, dropped over coffee tables or hung gracefully over mirrors!



Obviously this accessory is rather weather dependent! But like scarves, sunglasses are a quick and practical way to glamorise an outfit, albeit in the summer months only. They look fashionable and come in a range of styles and colours. Even though they may have an image as a “casual” accessory, they can be made to look smart and dressy, especially if you pick a glamorous looking pair. At the same time, a different pair can blend into even the most casual of outfits, so they “mould” to the overall presentation of the wearer.



A handbag is very visible because it is hung around the arm. Its colour, size, style and shape have a different affect on the way it looks and on the overall presentation of the outfit. Ideally it should match to the clothes that you are wearing. It is hard to have only one handbag, since there are so many styles! The three pictured above are classic handbags that will never go out of fashion. It is important I feel, if it is a bigger size bag, to have a zip on it!

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