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5 Foods to Eat on the Slopes

Ski holidays are the definition of treating yourself.

In Europe, ski holidays should be a combination of good food, good wine and good times, and in a continent with such a varied food culture, its so easy to eat well on the slopes. Here’s 5 dishes you must try when visiting the European alps.


Would a ski holiday in France be a ski holiday in France if it didn’t involve some kind of melted cheese? I don’t think so. Raclette and Fondue are two traditional dishes in the French alps, and are often combined with cold meats, salad and potatoes to make a delicious and warming après-ski meal.



This classic Austrian dish is essentially the European version of mac and cheese. Little dumplings are coated in a cheesy sauce before being sprinkled with crispy onions. It’s got bags of flavour, is traditionally Austrian and downright tasty.




Tartiflette is another French-Swiss dish, combining cheese and potatoes. It is made with Reblochon, the cheese from the area, along with bacon, onion and plenty of other ingredients. It’s a perfect winter warmer for mid-way down the slopes when the skiing gets a little tiring.




Italy’s incredible food scene stretches all the way to the Italian alps, and polenta is the foundation for many of Italy’s mountainside food offerings. It’s slow cooked with butter and herbs, before being topped with various sauces or stews, often based around mushrooms or slow cooked meat.



Schnitzel is essentially crumbed veal, but when combined with chips and lingonberry sauce, it comes into a league of its own. Add a squeeze of lemon and a pint of Austrian beer and you’re set for a relaxing afternoon, post ski.

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