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5 Destinations for a White Christmas

Christmas is synonymous with many things: presents, Christmas trees, turkeys and at least in the Northern Hemisphere, winter. Short days and cold air foster the festive spirit, the allure of a white Christmas represented in films, TV shows and advertisements. Switch up your Christmas traditions this year and head for the snow. Waking up to a snowy Christmas morning is an experience of a lifetime, so here’s 5 places to visit for that picture perfect White Christmas.

Whistler, Canada

Canada gets really cold over winter, so why not take advantage of British Columbia’s guaranteed snow, and visit Whistler, a world class ski resort that held the Winter Olympics in 2010. Skiing is a great way to celebrate Christmas, so organise a trip for you and your family and celebrate in sporty style. Get organised early and get Christmas dinner catered. After a long day of skiing the last thing you want to do is cook, so save yourself the stress and spend a post-skiing day relaxing and eating by the fire.


Helsinki, Finland

Swap out your skis for on trend apparel and head to Helsinki, Finland’s capital, for a Christmas city break. Helsinki usually has its first snowfall before Christmas, and celebrates the season with a massive Christmas market in St Thomas square. Christmas day is a quiet, family affair, but join in with the Finnish tradition and celebrate Pikkujoulu, a party held in anticipation of Christmas day. Restaurants and bars become packed with people having a good time, so join in the Christmas cheer set against a snowy backdrop.

New York City, USA

New York is the city of Christmas. Partake in all of the classic Christmas traditions like ice skating a the Rockefeller centre and shopping on 5th avenue, and explore the city’s other nooks and crannies at the same time. Make sure you check out the famous Christmas window displays and get a little taste of New York’s famous culinary tradition. With it’s plethora of restaurants, booking Christmas dinner out will be easy. White Christmas isn’t necessarily guaranteed, but there’s so much to do regardless.

Obergurgl, Austria

There’s no way to guarantee a white Christmas like visiting a ski resort. Head to Obergurgl, Austria for great skiing, guaranteed snow and amazing food. The ski resort is large and varied, and close to other resorts such as Sölden. Head to Sölden for a day away, and make sure to check out Ice-Q restaurant, the filming location for the most recent Bond film. It’s not the cheapest option, but if you can’t treat yourself at Christmas, when can you?

Lapland, Finland

Finland comes up twice in this list, but it’s for good reason. Lapland is the home of Christmas. Visit the place synonymous with Santa, located in the Article Circle. Choose a company to organise your trip, which will take the hassle out of booking the holiday. Activities such as dog sledding and snowmobiling with fill you with that festive feeling. Plus, you get to meet Santa. What could more more Christmassy?


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