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5 Delicious Cakes For A Cake-Filled Day

I think there is a fat person inside everyone that loves cake. If I could have cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that would be amazing. But, alas, I like to fit into my skinny jeans. For those health addicts out there, tell me the truth. Would you not ditch your diet for at least an hour to enjoy a slice of an out-of-this world, melt-in-your mouth chocolate cake? If you are a cake lover all you can probably think about is cake, cake, cake in the morning, afternoon and evening. Maybe you are not a huge fan of cakes? Well, get your plates, napkins or hands ready and grab a cup of tea, because here are 5 delicious and timeless cakes that will make your tummy rumble.


Victorian Sponge Cake


Victorian Sponge cake

The Victorian sponge cake: simple yet elegant and fit for a queen, which is no surprise judging by the name. I love a soft slice of a light and fluffy Victorian sponge. Actually, I can definitely eat more than one slice! Absolutely no challenge. Having a cute tea party? Victorian sponge cake is your cake. Maybe you are not the sharing type- yes, there are those who would rather eat cake in a closet so that no one else gets a slice. That’s what cake does to some people.


Carrot Cake

carrot cake

There are those who think carrot cake is boring. Well, they probably do not have good taste in cakes. This picture of the carrot cake might not instantly appeal to you. But, once it is in front of you and you give it a taste, it will be love at first bite. Where do I begin with carrot cake? Maybe it is the way the icing takes me to a sugar dream-world or the cinnamon and walnut richness of the sponge. True cake-lovers will understand. Carrot cakes and hot drinks equal absolute paradise.


Lemon Drizzle Cake

lemon drizzle cake

Oh lemon drizzle cake, thou art the loveliest cake. Heaven must have sent you to make me happy. That is what Shakespeare would have said if he tried lemon drizzle cake. Just imagine a slice of this beautiful cake, dripping with icing. Go on, just try a bit. Just a little piece.  Warning: your life will never be the same.


Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake

Did someone say chocolate cake? Absolutely. For chocolate cake lovers out there, do you not think it was made to heal the heart? Like, if you have heartbreak, chocolate is your best friend. Having a bad day? Chocolate cake will be your hero. Let the rich sponge cheer you up. Chocolate cake always does the trick.


Red Velvet

red velvet cake 2

Right. Red Velvet seems to be the trend now-a-days. If you go to a birthday or tea party and no one says, ‘Hey, are we having red velvet cake?’ that is a miracle. Once upon a time diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Now, it’s red velvet cake.

Feeling hungry yet? Indulge yourself with a slice of one of these lovely cakes.

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