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5 Best Travel Apps

Going on holiday should be relaxing, but often, the planning of a trip can detract from the relaxation. One way to ease the stress is to make use of the plethora of apps that can help you to tailor your trip with the cheapest and most efficient options available to you. Here are 5 great apps to help you plan that trip of a lifetime (or a quick weekend break, whatever suits you…)


Rome2Rio is the perfect app for the traveller on a budget. All you need to do is input your starting destination and wherever you want to end up, and it will give you the cheapest and quickest ways to get from A to B. It’s incredibly useful for those travellers who don’t mind taking their time using the cheapest forms of travel available.



AirBnb have revolutionised the travel industry, allowing people to rent rooms, houses and apartments all across the world for competitive prices. The AirBnB app allows you to search destinations and find the perfect accommodation for your holiday, as well as making it easy to share your findings with your friends through social media.



The traveller’s favourite website, sky scanner, has a handy app with all the benefits of the online site. Input your travel dates, and it will give you the cheapest and most direct flights for your trip. It also allows you to look at a monthly view to work out the cheapest time to fly. This is a great way to save money even before you pack your backpack.



This app is so helpful for the traveller looking for a good meal. Not only does it give suggestions of good places to eat, but it gives you helpful information such as wifi codes and menu offers: 2 things that backpackers cannot live without.



This app allows to organise comprehensive packing lists tailored to your trip. Taking the weather, type of trip, length and destination into account, it provides you with a list of everything you need for your holiday. This is perfect for the people for whom packing is one thing too much.

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