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5 benefits of Tea

Tea is, and always has been, a much loved drink. There is a magical symbolism about it that has prevailed from the time of its creation yet it is a very real “every day” occasion for millions of people. It is widely accessible, quick and easy to make. With a long and colourful history there is no doubt it is a drink of great historical and cultural significance, but it is also one with many real benefits.


  • It’s healthy




    Tea strengthens the immune system, it contains antioxidants to reduce radicals in the body and may help lower the risk of heart attack. It also reduces the risk of diabetes, kidney stones and parkinson’s disease. If you leave out the milk and have it with a slice of lemon and ginger it is excellent for sore throats and colds. It can also soothe the stomach, particularly helping with indigestion. Last but not least, it is calming and relieves stress.


  • It’s relaxing


Soothing and warm, tea refreshes the mind and nourishes the soul. On a cold day it heats you up and brings comfort, while holding the mug warms up your hands. It is a homely drink and just seems to have the power to make everything a whole lot better for many people.



  • It tastes good





And there are many varieties including earl grey tea, green tea, chamomile tea and many fruit teas, so even those with particular tastes can find one they like to drink.



  • It is social and looks attractive





Drinking tea has cultural significance to some people and indulges the senses not only through the taste but also the visual appeal of the fine china and layout. In some countries tea drinking is a meditative experience in which people should try to find inner calm and peace.  Teapots and teacups have a warm and round look to them..like these famous characters below.


  • It’s just one of those “little things in life”

picture from www.lovethispic.com


There really are so many little things in life to savour and appreciate and who would think that something so simple as a cup of tea could bring such satisfaction to so many people.



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