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3 Indie video games not to play alone in the dark

Time to have several pairs of replacement underwear ready. These games effectively combine atmosphere and horror, putting the fear of God into any gamer. Oh and be assured there are no Pewdiepie videos in this article.

3# Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Set in 1839 you play as Daniel, who has no memory and wakes up in Brennenburg Castle with a letter instructing himself to murder Alexander, the Baron of the castle. You cannot attack the enemies so are forced to hide if they approach the room making the gamer truly feel vulnerable and dis-empowered.


 2# Slender: The Eight Pages


A legendary ‘creepy pasta’ Slenderman is a tall, slender man in a suit who appears in photos and kills people. This indie game puts you in the first person viewpoint, in the darkness of night as you search for 8 pages throughout the forest. Sounds easy right? Except that Slenderman is always creeping closer towards you and looking suddenly behind you can end up in game over.

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1# Five Nights at Freddy’s

A cuddly bear, rabbit and chick chick. Doesn’t sound like a candidate for the scariest game on the list right? But this indie game and its sequels by Scott Cawthon is pure, simple genius. As a click and point game you must prevent the malfunctioning animatronic animal characters from biting your head off or stuffing you in their suits.

This is achieved as you can see from the video, by shutting and closing the doors tracking the mascots’ movements through the pizza place. As the security guard you must survive the every night until 6 AM. If you fail, a jump scare from one of the characters will pop out, which when you combine this with the CCTV monitor which covers the whole screen area when you use it is terrifying.


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