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2016 UK University Rankings

It’s that time of year when students have begun applying for universities in the UK hoping to get a place for the following September term start. Choosing from the huge range of universities in the UK can be a daunting time for many, and quite a lot of students ponder and struggle during this time. To help them in the choice they may use current university rankings that are available to the public.


There are many significant sources in which you can find the rankings such as newspapers like The Times and The Guardian. University rankings are based on many aspects such as student satisfaction, graduate prospects, teaching effectiveness, student living standards and research quality to name a few! However as these sources will each have their own criteria, discrepancies remain in the rankings and you may find a lot list the same universities, whilst some are completely different.


Here are 3 typical institutions presenting their overall ranking of UK universities. Their top 10 universities are presented as follows.



The Times and Sunday Times University League Tables


1: University of Cambridge

2: University of Oxford

3: Imperial College London

4: University of St Andrews

5: Durham University

6: University of Warwick

7: University of Exeter

8: University of Surrey

9: London School of Economics and Political Science

10: University College London


Full ranking:



The Complete University Guide


1: University of Cambridge

2: University of Oxford

3: London School of Economics and Political Science

4: Imperial College London

5: Durham University

5: University of St Andrews

7: University of Warwick

8: University of Surrey

9: University of Lancaster

10: University of Exeter


Full ranking:



The Guardian

1: University of Cambridge

2: University of Oxford

3: University of St Andrews

4: University of Surrey

5: University of Bath

6: Durham University

6: University of Warwick

8: Imperial College London

9: University of Exeter

10: University of Lancaster


Full ranking:



You can also check the subject rankings in the above links. But there is one thing to bear in mind: Ranking isn’t everything, there are many other factors to be taken into consideration. For example, course structure and the core of the major should be of your interest too.

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