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153 taken hostage by terrorists in Radisson Blu hotel in Mali capital Bamako

Armed terrorists have stormed a luxury hotel in Mali and taken 170 people hostage.

Approximately 10 jihadists attacked a Radisson Blu hotel in the centre of the country’s capital, Bamako.




The Reuters news agency is quoting a Malian security ministry spokesman as saying that the country’s special forces are still fighting gunmen in the upper floors of the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako.


According to AFP, two attackers were killed in the assault at the Radisson Blu.

16:09 GMT 

27 bodies reported recovered by UN forces.


15:45 GMT 

AFP, citing a security minister, are reporting that the hostage situation is over at the Radisson Blu hotel as the gunmen are no longer holding any more civilians. – via RT:


According to the Minister of Security, Salif Traoré, the assault will be completed soon. The last attackers have entrenched on the 3rd [?] floor of the hotel. He adds that they neither have never sought dialogue or to negotiate, only to shoot civilians and security forces. “These are purely terrorist methods,” he says.

The gunman have no more hostages.(Source: AP)

18 bodies have been recovered.


AMERICA: Six hostages, all rescued

ALGERIA: Seven hostages, all rescued

BELGIUM: Four Belgians registered at hotel, their whereabouts unknown

INDIA: Twenty hostages, all rescued

FRANCE: Twelve nationals, all rescued

TURKEY: Seven nationals, five of them rescued

GERMANY: Two nationals, both rescued

CHINA: Ten nationals, three rescued

(Source: Sky news)

Who the hostages in the hotel are:

  • 30 were hotel staff
    20 were Indians
    10 were Chinese
    Seven Algerians, six of whom were diplomats
    Six were Turkish airline staff
    Two were Moroccans
    Two were Russians working for Ulyanovsk airline
    Guinean singer Sekouba Bambino was there
    An unknown number of French, including 12 Air France crew
    US citizens are suspected to have been in the hotel

(Source: BBC)


An al Qaeda affiliated group has claimed responsibility for the hotel siege on Twitter.




Heavy gunfire has been heard in the hotel.

French special forces have arrived.

Rescued hostages include seven Algerians and two Russians.


‘Three gunmen killed’ at Mali hotel attack according to The Malian Security Ministry


Jihadists have killed at least three people – two Malians and one French national

U.S. Special forces are assisting the operation. CNN reports.

Latest pictures of freed hostages

20 Indian nationals are in the hotel but are safe. Chinese state TV reported four of 10 Chinese citizens caught up in the attack had been rescued. The UN peacekeeping force said it was supporting the operation as Malian special forces freed hostages “floor by floor”.    

Fifty elite police troops who are from France’s national gendarme service are on their way from Paris to Bamako. French President Francois Hollande has said everything is being done to free the hostages that remain.


Radisson Blu hotel have released a revised statement on their website about the number of hostages inside the hotel.   They now say that a total of 140 guests and 13 employees were locked inside the building when the 10 gunmen first stormed inside. Dozens have since been freed. The hotel had originally stated that there were 30 employees inside – meaning the revised total of hostages is now 153, rather than 170.    




Nine people have been killed reports say. The hotel confirmed that 170 people – 140 guests and 30 employees – were taken hostage.  


Gunmen entered the hotel, which is popular with westerners, shouting “God is great!” in Arabic.  


Hostages that were able to recite verses of the Koran were being released, a security source has told Reuters news agency. The target is popular with international guests.   Six staff from Turkish Airlines and seven Chinese tourists are reported to be trapped in the hotel.   

    The President of Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, tweeted that he was aware of the situation and will be coming back from a short a diplomatic trip to Chad.  

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