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16 year old stabbing victim at Jerusalem Gay Pride dies

Shira Banki, 16, dies after being stabbed at a Gay Pride march in Jerusalem.

She was one of six victims that were attacked during the event on Thursday.

An arrest was made at the scene of the stabbing by police, who detained Yishai Schissel, an ultra-Orthadox Jew, who carried out a similar attack in 2005.


Images of the attack depict the suspect reaching inside his coat and raising a knife above his head before he began stabbing marchers whilst screaming.

A photographer managed to capture his movements before the attack. Shortly after he was tackled by a police officer.

The march continued after the wounded were escorted to hospital and spurred the chanting “end the violence” from the protesters.

A few hours after Shira’s death a vigil was held where she died and hundreds attended, including teachers and students from her school, members of the gay community and supporters.

The Gay Pride event has always caused tension between Jerusalem’s secular majority and the Jewish Orthodox community.

Preceding the march, Israel’s government claimed to have “zero tolerance” for Jewish extremists, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enforced at a security cabinet meeting on the Sunday before.

His statement followed another attack where an 18 month old Palestinian child died when his West Bank home was firebombed by Jewish settlers.

However, no arrests have been made over the attack at West Bank.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the attack as “a most serious incident”.


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