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13,000 evacuated as fires grip California

As over 21 fires burn throughout northern California, 13,000 have been evacuated in what has been described as “unprecedented” by authorities.

Battling through steep terrain and rugged conditions, over 9,000 fire fighters have been fighting wildfires that have incinerated more than 134,000 acres of land.

Rocky fire, the largest blaze has torn through more than 60,000 acres, according to Cal Fire 13,000 people had to be evacuated after the flames began feasting on the drought stricken vegetation that hasn’t seen fire in years. The fire, which is in Colusa, Lake and Yolo north west of Sacramento, required more than 2,900 fire fighters, 19 helicopters, 285 engines and four air tankers. On Monday (August 3) the fire wreaked even more havoc as it jumped a highway that had been containing it.


“This has been a very fast-moving wildfire, with the dry conditions and the weather not really cooperating with us over the past week” explained Daniel Berlant (Cal Fire spokesman) to KCRA “it is burning in whatever direction it wants to.”

The growth of the fires has been deemed unprecedented by officials after tripling in size throughout the weekend. According to a BBC correspondant over 24 homes have been destroyed as winds continue to fuel the flames of the tireless fire.

Vicki Estrella (Fire Evacuee) explained of the flames “I’ve never seen a fire act like this one… It’s amazing the way that thing’s spread. There was smoke 300ft (91m) in the air.”

The Western US landscape is extremely dry due to the merciless drought, this dryness along with the high humid temperatures, violent winds ands lightning strikes have been attributed to the aggressive and unrelenting nature of the fire. Progress is being made, albeit slowly, as the temperature drops, but there is currently no forecast of rain, which is making the fight increasingly difficult for fire fighters.

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