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10 Reasons To Be Excited for Series 3 of Broadchurch

In has been announced that series 3 of Broadchurch is set to commence filming, here are ten reasons to be excite for the third and final series:

1. The return of Tennant and Cole – It is confirmed that David Tennant and Olivia Coleman will reprise their roles of Hardy and Miller, they’ve been the veritable dream team and it will be a feast to see them together again.

Broadchurch murder on back burner

2. An opportunity to see justice done for Danny? – The previous series saw Joe Miller plead not guilty to the murder of young Danny, will one more series get the confession needed to lock him up and throw away the key?

3. Danny’s parents are back! – so hopefully the story of Danny’s murder can be put to bed, not to mention that Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan who play the grieving parents are another excellent dream team.

Julie Hesmondhalgh

4. Julie Hesmondhalgh joins the cast – the addition of Hayley from Corrie can only be a good thing. Hesmondhalgh is still much missed from The Street and her appearance in Happy Valley was brief but a joy. Good things are sure to come from her casting.

5. Charlie Higson also joins the cast! – another fine actor whom I see as a chameleon, for want of a better phrase! He’s bound to add some spice to the series and it’ll be a treat to see him on screen in a gritty drama such as this.

6. Sarah Parish is on board too – Parish is bound to be another remarkable addition. With her previous credits including the hilarious W1A and BBC drama Cutting It, as well as Doctor Who (Whovians are delighted that she will be reunited with Tennant), I’m already fascinated to see her character unfold.

7. More genius writing from Chris Chibnall – I was already a fan of his penmanship from Born and Bred, but Broadchurch has been something else entirely. We can only hope that he has something else up his sleeve once this show runs its course.

8. Beautiful scenery – the beach and the surrounding area of West Bay will be back in all its glory. Tourism increased after the first series and will probably do so again. It’s a picturesque sight.

9.  A much anticipated drama on ITV, again – the demise of Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge has left a gaping hole and hopefully one more series of Broadchurch will fill that in, nicely.

10. A well-rounded finale – if this is indeed set to be the final series of the hit drama, then hopefully we won’t be left hanging. In the previous two series the cliff hangers were expected and added to the excitement, but I’m surely not on my own when I say a proper ending would be appreciated!

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